I simply love watching movies since they are so enjoyable and seem to never be able to get enough. Sometimes I spend 10 hours a day watching movies because I find them so intriguing that I just get sucked in and think about nothing else. Most people think that this is not a healthy habit to spend so much time watching movies via movie websites but I ignore these people and continue to watch these movies anyway. Who’s to say was the proper way to live your life and who’s to say the wrong way to live your life since nobody is perfect and everybody has opinions which are subject to both the public.

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I simply love watching good movies that have a lot of comedy in the since laughter is the best medication for any symptom or at least that’s what I’ve been told. A good comedy movie can take the depressed mood almost instantly and turned it into a positive mood. Some people are annoyed by comedies but I think that these people simply lack a decent sense of humor and that’s why they get annoyed. Comedy movies to me are simply the greatest movies ever invented and no one can say otherwise because their opinion really doesn’t matter to me.

I hate short films because sort films are not long enough but then again it would explain why it’s called a short film in the first place. Another thing I like about movies is that it keeps me from getting into trouble and mischief that so many teenagers tend to get into due to the fact that they are bored and cannot think of any way productive to spend their precious time. People need to realize that their time that they are giving is indeed very short and should spend it doing something that they like to do. Most people spend their time at a job that they simply hate and barely make ends meet and I would rather find free movies to watch movies all day before I decide to do something like that.

Movies are like a portal to the imagination world and since many people lack imagination I believe movies can be a tool to help people reignite that flame which we call imagination. I assume not too many people will agree with me but at the end of the day you must ask yourself who really cares because I surely don’t. Some people were resort to drugs and violence as a means of escape but for me movies are my escape from and why most people think that I’m addicted to it they can rest assured that it’s in their business and I’m entitled to do whatever I want with my time. At the end of the day I know this post might sound like a rant and to be frankly honest it is but what better way takes press myself then through text.

Everybody expressed a self like how I express myself I truly believe that the world would probably be a much better place. It might be a much more boring place but indeed a better place nonetheless and with that being said this is the end of my rant.