Become A SEO Guru With The Best of Tools

Become A SEO Guru With The Best of Tools

Have you ever thought about the millions of Dollars that SEO specialists earn per year, optimizing and maintaining the rankings of their client’s websites? Are you aware that you too can earn a huge sum of money by making this your business too? You might be thinking that this is a tall task, given that you have no idea about search engine optimization. What would your reaction be if you found out that you could learn the basic tricks and master advanced SEO technology with the help of a single software? This is not a joke. You can gain the knowledge of optimizing other people’s websites, and start earning money with the help of SEO Powersuite, arguably the best SEO program available on planet earth.

Thoughtful Developers

The best part is that the developers have coded this program keeping both novices and SEO experts too. While the experts might put it to use immediately, you will have to understand the basics of the program, following which, you will dig deeper and explore additional modules. The additional modules include:

Rank Tracker:

Allows you to track positions globally in Google or in one of the 400+ search engines included with the software.

Website Auditor:

In depth site auditing as this module digs meticulously through your whole site to locate and audit every resource, both external and internal.

Link Assistant:

Permits you to select your research technique from 10 most effective prospecting mechanisms such as directories, reviews, guest postings, etc. or even create your own research method using any search operators that you like.

SEO Spyglass:

This amazing tool permits you to pull links directly from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You will not find this integration in any other backlink checker.

BecomingĀ A Specialist

If you do not believe what is mentioned above (can one software do so many tasks?), visit any professional software review site and go through the SEO Powersuite full enterprise review. You should check the review of the enterprise version of this program as it allows you to use SEO as a business and optimize websites of other individuals and companies. The company offers a free version and a professional version too. The latter is ideal for individuals who do not want to enter the SEO field professionally, but want to maintain the SEO of their website.


Include Buzzbundle

As a professional SEO specialist, you should also include Buzzbundle, the smartest among social media management tools to your arsenal. Download the free version and use it for a couple of days to get the hang of the software if you feel that it might intimidate you, Once you are accustomed to the SEO tools included, you can pay and download the full version. If you are unable to figure how to use one of the numerous SEO tools included with the SEO Powersuite bundle, visit the tutorial section on the vendor’s website to view detailed walkthrough videos. With a bit of dedication, you can soon become a SEO guru and start earning money beyond your wildest dreams.

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